Tips to Looking Taller


Height is either something that you have or you don’t, as you can’t change your height in anyway, but there are ways that you can make yourself look taller and leaner.

Here are some fashion tips that you are able to use to give the illusion that you are taller.

Tips to Looking Taller


Whilst many women have turned to black for dressing slimmer, you can use other hues to create a longer line. It is a good idea to choose different hues that belong to the same colour family. For instance you can for charcoal, silver and heather grey. You need to avoid chopping up your body with contrasting colours as you will look shorter instead of taller. For instance, wearing a white shirt with a black skirt will chop you in half.

Strong Vertical Element

A jacket or a vest is able to give you that strong vertical line that keeps the eye moving up and down instead of across. The sheath dress creates the perfect silhouette in creating a strong vertical line. You can also create a strong vertical line with slim pants worn with a tunic top, a long scarf wrapped around your neck with ends dangling and layers of long necklaces also work.


The best way to give you the sense of more height is to add actual height and the only way to do this is with heels. Even a small heel that is a couple of inches will improve the line of many outfits and give you a longer look. Boots can also make you look longer. Go for boots that are sleek and knee high paired with leggings or skinny jeans in the same colour to create a flowing line. Legwear that is in the same colour as your shoes will also add visual height. And obviously you can wear really high heels to look taller.

Nude Shoes

One trick that is used in Hollywood to give the appearance of long legs is to wear nude shoes with seemingly bear legs. Nude shoes go with pretty much any colour and you can wear then with nude sheer pantyhose or fishnets. Red and black dress can look fresh when they are paired with nude shoes.

V-Neck Top

A V-neck is able to elongate the neck and add height. You can even wear it layered and it will still give you a longer line. For instance you can wear a deep V-neck sweater with a tee underneath. The deeper that the V is, then the greater the illusion of height.


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