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How to Style Fringe Shoes

How to Style Fringe Shoes

One of the biggest fall trends is the fringe and you have to love the fringe shoes.

Fringe details popping up all over the place on shoes, on bags and even on jewelry. Here are ways that you are able to style fringe shoes.

Fringe Shoes and Jeans

If you are not in love with fringe boots then try a fringe heel. Fringe heels are super sexy and look effortless when they are paired with jeans.

Fringe Heels and Overallsfringe

Who would of thought that overalls and heels would work so well. Julia Sarinana, a blogger was looking super chic in her red Aquazzura fringe heels and denim overalls. This look will make you grab your purse and head to the shops immediately to get it.

Fringe Boots and Dresses

Wear your fringe heels with a sweet dress or even pair fringe booties with a dress. This is a great look at any time of the year and also adds an edge to any monochromatic look.

Fringe Heels and Rompers

A romper is always a good look and pairing one with fringe heels makes them even better. Nude fringe styles are a great way for a barely there look that is a surprise.

Fringe Boots and Cutoffs

Denim shorts are a must and they should have a place in every woman’s closet, so it’s a no brainer to match these with some fringe booties or a high heel for a casual date night.

The fringe trend is in full force and you can add this trend in a subtle way with fringe shoes.

How to Hide Bingo Wings

How to Hide Bingo Wings

If you are wondering what bingo wings are, well they are those jiggly areas of fat and extra skin that is under the arm. These seem to appear, as we get wings

Bingo wings are an issue as they can make us feel self conscious about wearing anything that is sleeveless or has a short sleeve.

You are able to tone your bingo wings through exercise and diet, but here are some fashion ideas that will help you to hide bingo wings.

Don’t Wear Cap Sleeves

You may have the idea that a cap sleeve is better than sleeveless, but cap sleeves will hit you on the part of your arm that is the widest and will make your arms look heavier. Rather go for an elbow length top or bracelet length.

Wear Cutaway Shoulders

If you are going to go for sleeveless then ensure that the armholes are cut in a way that will show off a substantial amount of shoulder. This will make your arms look longer and sleeker. You can also try cold shoulder looks that will expose your shoulders, but there are still sleeves that will hide the under arm heaviness.

Don’t Wear Puffed Sleeves

If the sleeves are short, then bingo wings can still show, so you do not want to increase the attention on them by adding a puff.

Wear off the Shoulder Tops

You are able to wear long sleeved or short-sleeved top that have at one shoulder.

Don’t Wear Elastic or Cuffed Short Sleeves

Your bingo wings will be accentuated when there is tightness in the area. If you go for short sleeves, then ensure that there is give or has a wider opening.

Try Illusion Tops

Another way to hide that extra under arm weight is to for an illusion fabric like a sheer net or mesh.

Don’t Wear Tight Knits

The tighter that the body and the sleeves are then the heavier your arms will look. Try knits that have give and are flowing.

Draw the Eye Away

Focus the eye away from bingo wings by wearing an alluring neckline or striking jewelry.

Don’t Skip Bracelets

You can carry off short sleeve tops that have less than perfect arms by wearing a pile of bracelets as these bring the attention down to your wrists.

The one thing to keep in mind though, is that you shouldn’t let your bingo wings stop you from wearing something that you love and feel amazing in.

Alternative methods

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Wardrobe Essentials to Wear Now and Forever

Wardrobe Essentials to Wear Now and Forever

You might be lured to the trends but the cheaper options that break and after a while look terrible. You need to buy quality items and essential items that you will be able to wear season after season.

Reliable Denim

You don’t need to have a million pairs of jeans, in fact you just need to find one that has the perfect fit and them treat them like a treasure. You shouldn’t overwaer jeans. These jeans will not be the ones that you wear to just pop to the shop. You need to choose a classic cut that is flattering in a darkish wash.

Cashmere Sweater

cashmere sweater

Clothes that are made from cashmere are at least 8 times warmer then clothes that are made from sheep wool. The magic of cashmere is that they are warmer and are still light to wear and thinner in texture. Oh and not to mention how soft cashmere is.


The trench is neutral, practical and cinch’s at your waist, which will give you that feminine silhouette. The trench is a classic and is easily able to add some polish to an outfit.

Black or Navy Blazer

You will find plenty of ways to create style with a blazer. You are able to wear it to the office with tailored trousers and a silk shell. You can wear a blaze over a graphic tee and a hoodie for a weekend look. Use your blazer over a cocktail dress or drape it over for an instant European chicness. Go for a black or navy blazer and pair it with bright colors or with neutrals for a streamlined look.

A-Line Skirt

The A-Line cut is super flattering and nips in at the waist to show off your narrowest part. It then gently sweeps away from the hips. If you are petite then go for a shorter hemline and if you are taller try different lengths. You can pair the A-Line skirt with blouses, tees and sweaters.

White Button Down

The white button down is a great classic and can work as a blank canvas to build your look. You are able to wear this for any occasion as it adds a little sophistication. You can obviously wear the white shirt to the office or you can roll up the sleeves, pair it with skinnies and sandals for chic casual look.

Evening Dress

You always need a great evening dress for dinners, parties and weddings. Go for a classic cut that is an all season fabric and in a neutral color so that it remains timeless. After all you will only need one great evening dress that you love.

Winter Coat

You need a good winter coat that will last, as you will be wearing it for months at a time and year after year. You need a coat that is flattering and will keep you warm.

When you are getting you essentials its about quality not quantity.

Dresses for the Work Place

bias drape dress

Dresses for the Work Place

You need to wear something for the office so why not delve into one of these dresses and look great whilst at work.

Contrast Collar Dress

Even if fashion is not important at the office you are still able to sneak in some fashion with a knee length skirt, high collar and layered top like the one from ASOS.

The Bias Drape Dress

The form fitting gathered bias dress looks sleek whilst an asymmetry hem will make the dress a little more interesting than the usual skirt suit. Have a look at this style dress at H&M.

The Belted Dress

Find a belted dress that has decorative pleats, with a skinny belt and a squared neckline like the one from Mango. This will look amazing with solid coloured kitten heels and a camel coat that will give the look a polished finish.

The Midi Dress

A midi dress that has a subtle paneling, is knee length and a scoop neck like the Reiss one, will create a sophisticated office uniform that will look best with minimal accessories and neutral makeup. With a dress like this you can pair it with charcoal gray tights and a slim belt.

Little Black Dress

You can get away with the little black dress at work if you do it right. You can opt for one that has satin lapels and a double breasted front like the one from H&M or one that has a subtle paneling and a rib trim neckline like the one from Whistles. These will look sophisticated.

The Pullover Dress

If you are looking for a dress that is comfortable but still on trend then a pull over dress like the one from J. Crew that is flame red with zippers will do just that.

The Mini

You can pull off appropriate with a mini that can be paired with opaque tights and colourful stacked flats.

The Asymmetric Dress

Asymmetric dresses that have a hidden pleated skirt and wrap detailing, like the one from Topshop will feel more fashionable then the classic little black dress. You can pair this dress with classic pumps or boots.


The Oversized Coats Trend

The Oversized Coats Trend

The oversized coat is a wonderful fashion trend and you can make this trend work for you no matter your body shape with the right style of coat.

The oversized coats are taking inspiration from menswear. The oversized coat has been trending for a while now but it has undergone a revamp with a more fitted approach and streamlined silhouettes.oversized coat

How to Wear an Oversized Coat

Fitted Outfit

You should keep the rest of your outfitted with an oversized coat. Skinny jeans or leggings are a great pairing and for a more formal look you can pair the oversized coat with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants.


Pairing an oversized coat with shorts or a mini skirt is the trend right now. A shorter hem line under a longer coat is a chic way to balance the volume at the top.


You can give an oversized coat some shape by cinching it in at the waist. You can use a belt that is wide and sturdy and this will also flatter your curves.


You are able to lengthen your silhouette with heels. The height is also able provide a sense of proportion to your oversized look.

Structured Accessories

Your oversized coat can be complemented by structured totes, purses and pointy toe shoes because they have straight lines and angles.

Buy Your Size

You should buy coats that are meant to be oversized instead of buying a coat that is a few sizes too big.