How to Hide Bingo Wings

How to Hide Bingo Wings

If you are wondering what bingo wings are, well they are those jiggly areas of fat and extra skin that is under the arm. These seem to appear, as we get wings

Bingo wings are an issue as they can make us feel self conscious about wearing anything that is sleeveless or has a short sleeve.

You are able to tone your bingo wings through exercise and diet, but here are some fashion ideas that will help you to hide bingo wings.

Don’t Wear Cap Sleeves

You may have the idea that a cap sleeve is better than sleeveless, but cap sleeves will hit you on the part of your arm that is the widest and will make your arms look heavier. Rather go for an elbow length top or bracelet length.

Wear Cutaway Shoulders

If you are going to go for sleeveless then ensure that the armholes are cut in a way that will show off a substantial amount of shoulder. This will make your arms look longer and sleeker. You can also try cold shoulder looks that will expose your shoulders, but there are still sleeves that will hide the under arm heaviness.

Don’t Wear Puffed Sleeves

If the sleeves are short, then bingo wings can still show, so you do not want to increase the attention on them by adding a puff.

Wear off the Shoulder Tops

You are able to wear long sleeved or short-sleeved top that have at one shoulder.

Don’t Wear Elastic or Cuffed Short Sleeves

Your bingo wings will be accentuated when there is tightness in the area. If you go for short sleeves, then ensure that there is give or has a wider opening.

Try Illusion Tops

Another way to hide that extra under arm weight is to for an illusion fabric like a sheer net or mesh.

Don’t Wear Tight Knits

The tighter that the body and the sleeves are then the heavier your arms will look. Try knits that have give and are flowing.

Draw the Eye Away

Focus the eye away from bingo wings by wearing an alluring neckline or striking jewelry.

Don’t Skip Bracelets

You can carry off short sleeve tops that have less than perfect arms by wearing a pile of bracelets as these bring the attention down to your wrists.

The one thing to keep in mind though, is that you shouldn’t let your bingo wings stop you from wearing something that you love and feel amazing in.

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