Makeup Tips for Spring

Makeup Tips for Spring

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start changing and why not start with your makeup. Here are five spring makeup tips that you can use this spring.

natural makeup


Spring is the time of year where you should start wearing pink. You can use soft hues of pink on the lips, cheeks and eyes. You are able to give your skin a little warmth and colour after winter with a soft pink shimmer. You are able to get pink powders, creamy lipsticks and cream blushes.

More Eyeliner

You may have found yourself wearing 2 to 4 shades of eyeshadow for tone, but in spring switch to a neutral base colour and let your eyeliner bring the colour to your eyes. You are able to get wondrous colours in eyeliner so try something different and new this spring.

Soft Edges

If you have started to use lipsticks that have a lot of colour then apply it softly to the lips and around the edges instead of using lip liner, diffuse it by blending it with your finger. You can add a highlighter to the cupids bow for finish.


As spring is all about that fresh feeling, experiment with a natural makeup look that you are able to wear every day. With a natural look you will want to enhance the right features without over exaggerating these.

You can have your eyebrows shaped, curl your eyelashes, and add mascara, concealer under the eyes, a cream blush on the cheeks and the right lip colour.

Get Smudgy

You change up the smoky eye by smudging the eyeliner on the top line up to the eyelid and apply the right eye shadow on top. Finish the look with mascara.