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The Oversized Coats Trend

The Oversized Coats Trend

The oversized coat is a wonderful fashion trend and you can make this trend work for you no matter your body shape with the right style of coat.

The oversized coats are taking inspiration from menswear. The oversized coat has been trending for a while now but it has undergone a revamp with a more fitted approach and streamlined silhouettes.oversized coat

How to Wear an Oversized Coat

Fitted Outfit

You should keep the rest of your outfitted with an oversized coat. Skinny jeans or leggings are a great pairing and for a more formal look you can pair the oversized coat with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants.


Pairing an oversized coat with shorts or a mini skirt is the trend right now. A shorter hem line under a longer coat is a chic way to balance the volume at the top.


You can give an oversized coat some shape by cinching it in at the waist. You can use a belt that is wide and sturdy and this will also flatter your curves.


You are able to lengthen your silhouette with heels. The height is also able provide a sense of proportion to your oversized look.

Structured Accessories

Your oversized coat can be complemented by structured totes, purses and pointy toe shoes because they have straight lines and angles.

Buy Your Size

You should buy coats that are meant to be oversized instead of buying a coat that is a few sizes too big.