Wardrobe Essentials to Wear Now and Forever

Wardrobe Essentials to Wear Now and Forever

You might be lured to the trends but the cheaper options that break and after a while look terrible. You need to buy quality items and essential items that you will be able to wear season after season.

Reliable Denim

You don’t need to have a million pairs of jeans, in fact you just need to find one that has the perfect fit and them treat them like a treasure. You shouldn’t overwaer jeans. These jeans will not be the ones that you wear to just pop to the shop. You need to choose a classic cut that is flattering in a darkish wash.

Cashmere Sweater

cashmere sweater


Clothes that are made from cashmere are at least 8 times warmer then clothes that are made from sheep wool. The magic of cashmere is that they are warmer and are still light to wear and thinner in texture. Oh and not to mention how soft cashmere is.


The trench is neutral, practical and cinch’s at your waist, which will give you that feminine silhouette. The trench is a classic and is easily able to add some polish to an outfit.

Black or Navy Blazer

You will find plenty of ways to create style with a blazer. You are able to wear it to the office with tailored trousers and a silk shell. You can wear a blaze over a graphic tee and a hoodie for a weekend look. Use your blazer over a cocktail dress or drape it over for an instant European chicness. Go for a black or navy blazer and pair it with bright colors or with neutrals for a streamlined look.

A-Line Skirt

The A-Line cut is super flattering and nips in at the waist to show off your narrowest part. It then gently sweeps away from the hips. If you are petite then go for a shorter hemline and if you are taller try different lengths. You can pair the A-Line skirt with blouses, tees and sweaters.

White Button Down

The white button down is a great classic and can work as a blank canvas to build your look. You are able to wear this for any occasion as it adds a little sophistication. You can obviously wear the white shirt to the office or you can roll up the sleeves, pair it with skinnies and sandals for chic casual look.

Evening Dress

You always need a great evening dress for dinners, parties and weddings. Go for a classic cut that is an all season fabric and in a neutral color so that it remains timeless. After all you will only need one great evening dress that you love.

Winter Coat

You need a good winter coat that will last, as you will be wearing it for months at a time and year after year. You need a coat that is flattering and will keep you warm.

When you are getting you essentials its about quality not quantity.